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Hidden lock is a private security company formed in 2017 with competence in ICT system and security system with experts in consultancy installation and maintenance of the system. With projects taken Hidden lock has established a long collaboration with it's stakeholders to deliver long lasting products and services that give satisfactory results no matter how complex the solution is.

Who Were Are

Hidden lock has the competence to help organizations like schools, banks hospitals, Residential homes and all business owners derive value for their property by offering suitable, industrial and standardized solutions to fit their needs.

Why Choose us

The company is composed of dynamic performance and oriented professionals who obtain vast experience on the ICT system and security system.

Whatever the cost, or the sacrifice, there is nothing more rewarding like protecting an investment that you have struggled to achieve over several years of hard work like your residence, School, Hospital, or even functions like weddings, among others and any other business.

We know how and what it takes to keep you and your properties/businesses safe but more importantly, we know how to add value to your business by providing high-class unmatched security services with maximum attention to detail. We take ownership of every customer’s needs.

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